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SPecialty: SPAS + Wellness, E-COMMERCE, LEadership consultants to fortune 50-500 firms


Custom-tailored SERVICES:


Brand Identity Consultation


Acrylic Deliverables

Logos + Business Cards

Service Pamphlets + Menu curation

 Websites Creation

Proposal templates

 C-suite Presentations

+ More. 


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"We are EXPERTS at elevating INDIVIDUALS, assisting them as brand strategists to equip them with everything they need to navigate business marketing as they establish CORPORATIONS or rework their vision to modernize their work and align with top level companies. Below are some of our superstars who took our expertise + ran with it."


Meet Lauren Widrick. | CONSULTANT

She is a high-energy mentor to teams + reveals organizational blind-spots at top firms in Charlotte, NC. Lauren has been through some of the most rigorous ontological coaching trainings in NYC, + has stated that our brand consulting was the first to really get to the essence of why she coaches. 

She has shown clients 10x return by optimizing their most critical asset: human capital. My team and I led Lauren through a re-branding when she established The Widrick Group and set her up with everything she needed to present to c-suite. She exceeded her financial expectations in a contract with a Fortune 500 company following our branding with her! Way to go, LW! 


Meet Brian Smerdell, PMP. | CONSULTANT

Brian is an amazing mind + leila's first mentor who trusted her to identify his brand as he took the jump from corporate america to being a self-employed high-level consultant. 

It was a pleasure working with Brian, who landed an account with a Fortune 50 firm after Lauren Grier and I started branding his company. We gave him all the deliverables he needed to present to c-suite and land the deal. Congrats Brian!